Our mission is to stand for women no longer hiding their ambition, passion & creativity to unleash the collective power of being seen.

Women, Don’t Hide is a campaign and exhibition series designed to activate, celebrate and showcase the undiscovered women makers, innovators and creators who have been building behind-the-scenes and deserve to be seen.

Our mission is to ignite a community to rally behind these women and create an exciting space for them to unveil their work to the world.


A collection of Women who have pushed boundaries. Discover the stories. Beginning on International Women’s Day. - March 8th



Come and celebrate our collective achievements. A Celebration for women who like to shake & stir things up a bit. - March 9th, 8-10pm



Enjoy the exhibition ‘The Eye That Never Sleeps’ by Joy Cannelle. A undiscovered women showcasing her work to the world. - March 9th > April 1


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