Adventurers, seekers, noncomformists

This one's for you

.01 The Grand House
Your Urban Hideaway

7 spacious, fully equipped luxury studios and apartments with a contemporary edge and an eye for beauty. Designed for you: the modern adventurer, the relaxation seeker, the urban explorer. The Hide is your unique, uncomplicated getaway.

An urban oasis for the independent minded guests. We do not bound you by rules but offer you privacy, flexibility and a genuine sense of freedom in juggling the demands of the always busy lifestyle.

Stay tuned, stay curious—more details unveiling soon.

.02 The Living Room
Your Urban Flexspace

A unique urban space. Located on the first floor with a stunning view on the Bijloke. High-tech equipped. Unconventionally designed. The Living Room is more than your event space. It’s an exciting live-work-play environment. It involves art, fashion, design, food and a colorful & dynamic environment.

The Living Room is an urban flexspace – ideal for various types of events and activities. From product launches & cocktail parties over photo shoots & art exhibitions to private dinners, culinary workshops & table d’amis. The Living Room is for you and for everything intimate with a luxury feel and an unconventional twist.

Are you ready for something fresh, new, unconventional?

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.03 The Garden
Your Urban Oasis

The Hide is a unique little pearl hidden in the lively vibrant city of Ghent. We want to be your sanctuary to reflect and recharge. To unwind your mind. To get lost in the beauty of nature.

In the beginning of 2019 we will revive our city garden at the river Leie with colors, odors, eatable greens and animal life. A natural garden. A hidelistic respite for you to enjoy!

City garden is coming soon!

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.04 The Vault
Your Urban Delight

The Hide is about the enjoyments of life! With the Vault we bring you urban delight. We want to create a new experience of wining & dining. We want you to indulge in our casual gastronomy. To enjoy our sophisticated coziness.

By the end of 2019 we want you to be swept away by our magnificent medieval crypt lurking on the waterside of the river Leie.

Magic happens to those who are patient!

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The Hide… since now

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