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Ghent in the old days

A city never stops evolving. Never stops changing.  When you venture out to discover our beautiful Ghent let yourself be amazed by the difference between now and then. The pictures from Ghent in the old days are absolutely amazing.                     Canon Dulle Griet – 1900   […]

The First Belgian Women’s Strike

March 8 is International Women’s Day. And the first Belgian women’s strike is being organized in Brussels this year.  The Collecti.e.f 8 Maars is the organizing power behind this scoop. With the strike they want to show that “when the women stop, the world stops running”. In 2018, a similar strike in Spain led to five million […]

Give back while traveling

8 WAYS TO GIVE BACK TO THE LOCAL COMMUNITY WHILE TRAVELING This week is all about LOVE! That’s why we wanted to share with you some ideas on how to give back while traveling. Not only did we celebrate Valentine on the 14th. This Sunday the 17th of February is Random Acts Of Kindness Day. We […]

The Hide @ Nederkouter

The Nederkouter is where The Hide is located. The etymology of this streetname goes all the way back to the old medieval Dutch words “den neder cauter”. Which means “under the cauter“.   The “Cauter/Kouter” is a big square above the Nederkouter street. The name “Cauter” is derived from the Latin “cultura” meaning cultivated land. It refers […]

The Lonely Planet about Ghent and Belgium

The Lonely Planet has some interesting things to say about Ghent and Belgium. 🙂 BELGIUM Smack-bang in the middle of Western Europe, this compact multilingual country effortlessly blends the historic with the new! From countless castles and medieval belfries to innovative art museums and hip cafes. And with some of the best comfort food on […]

Winter pop-up bars in Ghent

Ghent loves winter pop-up bars! Oh yes, we do. When Winter is knocking on the door the city of Ghent turns warm & cosy. Ghentians don’t like the rain and we lock ourselves inside the house when it is pouring, but when the weather is dry and cold…we love to stroll around the city. Do […]

Miss Lien Dereere, Ă©Ă©n van onze “Women, don’t hide ambassadrices” is befaamd voor haar Burlesque shows. Volgend weekend komt zij met haar klassevolle acts met veel verleiding, glitter & glamour en de nodige humor naar Gent! đź’źđź’źđź’ź Check out haar facebook event! đź‘  Meer glitter! Meer pluimen! Meer humor! Nieuwe acts! 2 shows! đź‘  Cabaret Cuberdon bezet […]

Testimonial of a MOM!

Maybe not exactly what you are aiming for, but being a mom has been the greatest challenge ever, and is in fact an often underrated, undiscovered, behind-the-scenes, yet highly life-changing mission! It has given my life extra purpose and dimension which I never thought possible. It has humbled me immensely as I do realize the […]


International Women’s Day 2018! #womendonthide KLINIK Klinik – one of the best tattoo shops in Gent owned and run by a crazy kick-ass girl Helen – has designed several beautiful WOMEN FLASH TATTOOS to all you ballsy ladies & gents out there! Send Helen and her crew AN EMAIL with the name of the artist you prefer […]

Women After Work

De dames van WOMEN AFTER WORK brengen hulde aan alle vrouwen die zich na hun uren engageren voor elkaar, hun omgeving en de wereld. Laat je inspireren door gepassioneerde Gentse vrouwen en steek zelf de handen uit de mouwen in twee zelf te kiezen workshops: Loop mee in een Privilige Walk, ontdek eeuwenoude hamam-technieken, woon een […]


Zin om enkele GENTSE TOP DJ’ETTES aan het werk te zien? Aanschouw onze ambassadrice DJ’ette Poppy en enkele van haar lieftallige collega’s in de Ierse pub Patrick Foley’s. 3/03: DJ’ette Poppy en DJ Spalding 30/03: DJ’ettes Princess Electrify en Negative Nancy 27/04: DJ’ette Blanche