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Testimonial of a MOM!

Gepost door The Hide op 03-03-2018

Maybe not exactly what you are aiming for, but being a mom has been the greatest challenge ever, and is in fact an often underrated, undiscovered, behind-the-scenes, yet highly life-changing mission! It has given my life extra purpose and dimension which I never thought possible. It has humbled me immensely as I do realize the great responsibility it holds, and that what I teach my kids will in fact echo through even when I’m long gone. Kids really are the future… I am now proud to admit that not a career, but choosing to be the best mom possible really is my greatest superpower!

That being said, I am also very proud of my dayjob at Blijdorp which fills me with extra personal fulfillment too! There is no place I would rather be (except home)! I have a smile on my face every time I’m there. Not margins and profit but love and happiness for our guests is our purpose. It makes me a better person too. Again, not the career or title, but the honest work done for them is what truly matters for me.

Good luck with the mission! #Womendonthide



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