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Let’s take over International Women’s Day!

Gepost door The Hide op 08-03-2018

Today is the day.
March 8 – International Women’s Day.

Today is a day to take the spotlight.
Today is a day I want to celebrate ME and every other woman who has been working hard behind-the-scenes and who deserves to be seen.
Today is a day to COME OUT OF HIDING!

But let’s be honest.

It’s not an easy thing to do.
To stand up and be seen.
To own your ambition and dreams.
To cheer and rally for yourself, even when you are having a shit day, a shit week, a shit year, a shit life (let’s be honest – we all have felt this way).

You have to be a tough cookie to be this vulnerable.

That is why I hope the WOMEN, DON’T HIDE campaign and it’s 60+ ambassasdors (uhu!) will inspire other women to step out of their comfort zone, to stop hiding & waiting until everything is perfect.

That is why I DARE YOU today to just own what you have right now and to show it the world.

Together, let’s take this spotlight.
Let’s unleash the collective power of being seen.
Let’s take over International Women’s Day.

yours truly,

Leading Lady at The Hide
& a struggling pair of tits


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