ZERO FUCKS is a statement piece about the everyday societal pressure of being a woman. No, scratch that. ZERO FUCKS is a statement piece about the crazy daily pressures women put on themselves—idiots that we are.

ZERO FUCKS is allowing yourself to say no to things you don’t want, and not feeling guilty about it. It’s a tapestry, yes, and it’s telling you not to worry so much about what others think of you. It reminds you not to get upset or embarrassed about who you are. You’re a woman! A woman who will love her cellulite thighs if it damn well pleases her. Yes, us women come with butchy looks, passionate rants, daily cries, fanatic focus, growing love handles, crazy business ideas. So what?

ZERO FUCKS is a piece of embroidery—girly, huh?—carefully stitched to relieve you of the anxiety, fear, and guilt that come with saying no to the expectations of society and those around you. It’s needlework as a refusal to have our self-esteem be chipped away at day after day.

Check out all the local boss babes doing cool stuff for International Women’s Day 2021 below.

Discover the brilliantly broad-ranging collections of classics and modern masterpieces by female authors. To mark International Women's Day only the covers of women authors will be visibly displayed at De Kaft coming weekend.

Leen Van der Poten
De Kaft - Bookstore

Yes indeed! A collection campaign for menstrual products is being organized. From sanitary towels and tampons over pantyliners to menstrual cups. Everything is welcome. In completely, closed fresh packaging off course!


Go grab that free skin analysis of 30 minutes and discover the best treatment for that lovely face of yours! ps Book between 8th March and 12th March 2021 via the booking buttons on IG, FB & Google

Gryson Concept Store

Discover the fascinating and wide selection around the theme 'Women in the world'. A broad selection of categories literature, art, history, science, psychology, social problems, presented. Enough materiaal to think about, to form or adjust your opinion, to broaden your knowledge, to start the debate.

Oxfam Bookshop Ghent

Get inspired by the digital conference including live stream, video playlist and interactive zoom platform revolving around us, women.

Women in Film, TV & Media

Feel like winning a Pink Selfcare Kit? This cool giveaway still runs for a few days on Instagram. Winner will be picked on Monday March 8th!


An event to charge your batteries and get moving at the same time. Welcome!



The Hide - Urban Hideaway

Special thanks and a zillion fucks given to...

Mieke from Funni Retro fashion
for all the embroidery advice, the cozy stitching hours together and the creation of the Zero Fucks Information sign

Evelien from Curiosa & Co, Leen from De Kaft, Nele my BFF and Rudolf my life saver for breaking their backs while stitching pink lips and zero fucks.

Last but not least: Smokey & Curtis for the emotional support.

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